Conscious Box: June 2013 Review

Conscious Box06.16.13 – I spent most of the day cleaning and cooking yesterday, getting ready for last night’s birthday celebration for my husband. After a LONG day of preparation, sitting down with a brand new subscription box was the perfect treat.

When my husband brought in the Conscious Box from the doorstep our dog Edgar was disappointed it wasn’t for him, and I was disappointed by the size. It seemed small to me. Then… I picked it up. This thing was HEAVY. So, I knew I was in for some good surprises.

First Look2

Conscious Box offers three options for $19.99/month, the classic box, vegan box and gluten-free box. Conscious Box aims to introduce subscribers to the most ethical and sustainable products on the planet with both full size and sample size organic, fair trade and natural products. They believe their boxes are a great way to try new healthy and honest alternatives for every aspect of life.

Conscious Box also features a point system that rewards subscribers for leaving feedback and reviews. These points can be used toward the purchase of your favorite products.

I went with the Classic Box, and the theme this month was “Be Spontaneous.” The idea being that summer is full of surprises and Conscious Box wants you to explore everything it has to offer. I received:

  • Smock Sustainable Paper | Card
  • Cloud Star | Buddy Wash  Original Lavender & Mint Shampoo/ Conditioner
  • Natural Vitality | Natural Calm
  • Greek Island Labs | Joint Mud
  • Earth Friendly Products | Organic Lemongrass Hand Soap
  • Sneakz Organic | Yummy Veggie Nutrition Milkshake (1)
  • Organic Flavrz  | Boost (2) & Revive (2)
  • Skout Bar | Apple Cinnamon (1) & Cherry Vanilla (1)
  • LARABAR Alt  | Peanut Butter Cookie Fruit and Nut Bar
  • Molly Muriel | Bar Soap (1) & Shampoo Bar (1)
  • Son for Men | Organic, Vegan, Non-GMO Soothe
  • Naked Wines | $50 Wine Gift Card

Smock Sustainable Paper

Smock Sustainable Paper | Card
Full Size Sample Value: $5.00
Buy at Smock 

This card is super cute! And, I love that I got a birthday card on Tim’s birthday! To bad I had already bought one for him, because this one would have come in handy. Still, one of my girlfriend’s birthday is next week, so I’ll be using it very soon. (Jen, this one is for you!)

Smock is based in Syracuse, New York and they make all of their cards using old school cast iron presses in a wind-powered facility. The card is made out of sustainable bamboo paper and has a wonderful authentic quality. Also, the gold foil is really beautiful.



Buddy Wash

Cloud Star
Buddy Wash Original Lavender & Mint Shampoo/Conditioner

Cloud Star | Buddy Wash  Original Lavender & Mint Shampoo/Conditioner
Full Size Cost: $10.45
Sample Value: $0.25
Buy at Cloud Star

Now, Edgar was pleased there was something in yesterday’s surprise for him to enjoy. Even if using it will involve a bath, and he’s definitely overdue for one. I think I feel more comfortable trying out this product than the doggy skin treatment from this month’s PawBox. Also, a friend of mine tried this brand before and loves it.

The shampoo/conditioner is supposed to be really gentle. It’s made with botanical extracts to give your pup’s coat and skin everything it needs. Edgar will probably get a bath with it tonight. I’ll update on how it goes!




Natural Vitality
Natural Calm

Natural Vitality | Natural Calm
Full Size Cost: $25.95 (30 Count)
Sample Value: $0.87
Buy at Natural Vitality

When it comes to adding something to water for health benefits, I usually stick with Emergen-C or Airborne. I haven’t tried Natura Vitality or even heard of it before. This drink is supposed to add magnesium and calcium to your diet, while helping you tackle stress, low energy and fatigue.

I tried it out. And, it tastes pretty good. You have the option of drinking it hot or cold. I went with the cold option since it’s raspberry lemon flavored. I don’t know if I’m still recovering from the party the night before or what, but I didn’t notice any immediate effect.



Joint Mud

Greek Island Labs
Joint Mud

Greek Island Labs | Joint Mud
Full Size Cost: $49.00
Sample Value: $8.16
Buy at Conscious Box

This was probably the one product in this month’s box that seemed kind of weird to me. The informational card says Greek Island Labs’ topical blends “support better join, colon and digestive health.” Seems kind of vague to me, and the sample itself doesn’t give much information either. It says you can use it on hips, and I sometimes have hip trouble, so I guess I’ll try it out. Not really sure what it will do though.



Hand Soap

Earth Friendly Products
Organic Lemongrass
Hand Soap

Earth Friendly Products | Organic Lemongrass Hand Soap
Full Size Cost: $3.49
Sample Value: $0.82
Buy at Earth Friendly Products

I was STOKED when I saw this generous deluxe sample size. It smells great and I immediately put it in our bathroom for all our friends to enjoy during last night’s party. It got some positive responses too! Everyone seemed to like it.

Earth Friendly Products uses pure, healthy and non-toxin ingredients that softens and cleans hands. It also has grapefruit seed extract and lemongrass for that awesome smell!



Sneakz Organic

Sneakz Organic
Yummy Veggie
Nutrition Milkshake (1)

Sneakz Organic | Yummy Veggie Nutrition Milkshake (1)
Full Size Sample Value: $2.08
Buy at Amazon

Well, now this is interesting. I don’t have kids, but I would think this would be great for getting little ones to eat vegetables through a chocolate milk disguise. I immediately put it in the fridge to cool off from its travels.

The Yummy Veggie Nutrition Milkshake is free from GMOs, antibiotics and synthetic hormones. It’s made with organic milk and packs a full serving of vegetables in every box.

UPDATE: I couldn’t drink this stuff. I brought it to work hoping it’d be a good veggie boost, but I just couldn’t drink it. Anyone have different experiences? Wondering if I experienced a fluke!




Organic Flavrz
Boost (2) & Revive (2)

Organic Flavrz  | Boost (2) & Revive (2)
Full Size Sample Value: $4.50
Buy at Conscious Box

Organic Flavrz aims to spice up bottled water with organic lemon, agave syrup and hibiscus. After a night of alcohol, I thought the Revive (Organic Rehydration) would be a good choice. You can add as much as you want to your drink, but I’m not really sure what to do with the pouch after you open it. I didn’t use the whole thing, so… do I just set it somewhere? Refrigerate? I expected the consistency to be like those Crystal Lite additives, but it’s more like the Emergen-C and Airbourne, and that kind of surprised me.

I plan on taking these guys to work with me. That’s usually when I need these sorts of drinks, and I like to share with friends!




Skout Bar
Apple Cinnamon (1) &
Cherry Vanilla (1)

Skout Bar | Apple Cinnamon (1) & Cherry Vanilla (1)
Full Size Sample Value: $2.25
Buy at Conscious Box

Skout Bars are made with organic, vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO ingredients and packed full of protein, fiber and vitamins.

My dear husband dug into these right away. He was on his way to a performance and took one with him last night. I got a full report this morning. He really enjoyed the Cherry Vanilla and wanted to know more about the brand. These could definitely become a repeat purchase. We already buy Larabars, so it’s good to try something new. He can’t wait to taste the Apply Cinnamon. Maybe he’ll share.




Peanut Butter Cookie
Fruit and Nut Bar

LARABAR Alt  | Peanut Butter Cookie Fruit and Nut Bar
Full Size Sample Value: $2.39
Buy at Amazon

We already purchase Larabars and have some in the house, but I hadn’t seen or noticed the Alt variation before. Looks like its pretty new, and like the other Larabars it’s gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO and dairy free. The Alt difference is lasting sustainable energy.

This is what I snacked on immediately during my pre-party planning. The Peanut Butter Cookie flavor is one of my favorites!



Molly Muriel

Molly Muriel
Volcanic Bliss Bar Soap (1) & Soft as Silk
Shampoo Bar (1)

Molly Muriel | Volcanic Bliss Bar Soap (1) & Soft as Silk Shampoo Bar (1)
Full Size Cost: $12.00 ($6.00 each)
Sample Value: $1.00 (estimate)
Buy at Conscious Box

This was the first thing I pulled out of the box and I immediately went, “Ohhh! A shampoo bar?” Can’t say I’ve tried that before, but I have now! I used it last night and it was cool! It brought me back to my days as a little kid taking a bath in the pond at my grandpa’s farm, and all we had was a bar of soap.

Molly Muriel makes its soaps in small batches using ingredients like murumuru butter, coconut, jojoba, tea tree and sweet almond.

It worked pretty well, lathered up really nice and my hair felt super clean afterward. I didn’t use a conditioner, because I couldn’t remember if that was a part of the bar or not. I didn’t notice anything drastically different, positive or negative. But, I was happy to try it out.

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the bar soap. I tried that too! Sorry, it’s not in the picture above, because hey were included together in the same pack. The soap has a great exfoliating component, but because it’s black, it leaves a streak on my white shower. But hey, it’s just soap! It washes off!




Son for Men
Organic, Vegan, Non-GMO Soothe

Son for Men | Organic, Vegan, Non-GMO Soothe
Full Size Cost: $13.95
Sample Value: $1.00 (estimate)
Buy at Conscious Box

I gave this to the hubby right away and he used it immediately while he was getting ready for his performance. He loves any kind of after-shave soothing treatments. I think he liked the smell of it too, because he came up to me afterward to see what I thought about it. It did smell really nice! I’m not sure if he used the whole thing… the informational card says ladies can use it as well! Wouldn’t mind trying it out on my legs, but I have a feeling he’ll hog this one to himself.




Naked Wines
$50 Wine Gift Card

Naked Wines | $50 Wine Gift Card
Full Size Cost: $50.00
Buy at Naked Wines

Um… HELLO! A $50 gift card for wine?! Yes please! I mean really, this alone makes the entire box worth it. I IMMEDIATELY got online to order my wine. I was worried $50.00 wouldn’t get me very far, but I was wrong! You have to order a minimum of 6 bottles, and shipping is $9.99. So, I think I am going to get great use out of this. The down side? Everything is sold out! My guess is from the influx of Conscious Box subscribers! I’m going to wait a while until they get some more product in stock.

Naked Wines has a hilarious welcome video that is worth checking out on the link above. Their whole take on wine is pretty interesting. Basically, you get wholesale wine prices at 40-60% off while supporting independent wine makers.

The Verdict
Cost: $19.99/month ($7.95 with coupon code below)
Value: $79.99

This box was great! Do you see that value? I got this box for $7.95 because I used coupon code FIRSTBOXFREE, so all I had to do was pay shipping. Another coupon code that has the same effect is GETAWAYFREE. I’m not sure if they still work, but it’s gotta be worth a shot!

I think my favorite item in the box is the wine. I mean, really you can’t beat that. I just need to wait for them to get some stock in, which is kind of frustrating. But, when you give out a deal like that, these things are bound to happen.

My least favorite item is probably the mud. Just because it was kind of confusing, and I’m not sure what it will do. I guess it’ll be kind of an experiment when I try it out.

I think I am going to stay on with this box for another month to see if they always have boxes this awesome. Certainly impressed me this time! Sound good to you? Try them out for yourself here.

Disclosure: This product was not received in exchange for a review. All views in this review
are the opinion of the author. Just Louise Please will not accept payment in exchange for a
review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post
may contain referral links. Complete Disclosure Policy.

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