Treatsie: June 2013 Review

Treatsie First Look

I know I’m a little late on the Treatsie review, but I wanted to wait to share it with you all until I could give a full report! You know I’m not a girl who is about to leave out the details!

Treatsie is a monthly subscription box service that delivers high-quality, artisan candy to your doorstep. Treatsie prides itself on sharing with its subscribers candies they’d normally never discover. Treatsie also offers subscribers the opportunity to purchase the candies they sample each month through their website.

You can enjoy Treatsie with a $15/month subscription. One-time shipments and pre-pay subscriptions are also available for personal use or as gifts.

First, let’s talk packaging. Opening up the box, I thought it was super cute. I love the delicate logo and the care that was put into shipping the box. Pink gift paper and an enclosed card provided information on how to tell all your friends about Treatsie.

I signed up for a one-time gift to myself to try it out. The June 2013 Treatsie box included:

  • Askinosie Chocolates Itty Bars™
  • Liddabit Sweets Barley, Tea & Honey Lollipop
  • Liddabit Sweets | Fig & Ricotta Caramel
  • Liddabit Sweets Dark Chocolate Caramel
  • Lambrecht Gourmet Southern Pecan Toffee
Askinosie Chocolates | Itty Bars™

Askinosie Chocolates | Itty Bars™

Askinosie Chocolates | Dark Chocolate Itty Bars™
Sample Value: $3.40
Full-Size Cost: $127.50 (150 packs)
Buy at Askinosie Chocolates

Askinosie Chocolates Itty Bars™ are available in a variety of flavors and made from global cocoa beans. This month boxes featured bars from San Jose Del Tambo, Ecuador, Cortés, Honduras, Tenende, Tanzania and Davao, Philipines.

Now, I respond more favorably to milk chocolate over dark chocolate, but hey… chocolate is chocolate! When I started tasting these, I didn’t realize there were different flavors. I just thought it was all dark chocolate. Maybe my taste buds aren’t as sophisticated as one would hope. Either way, I could definitely tell the chocolates are high quality. They are very rich! And while it’s not my cup of tea, people who love dark chocolate will probably go bananas over these things.

I looked at the full-size availability of these and Askinosie sells these guys inside jars with up to 150 individual pieces. Now, that’s a lot of chocolate. But, I won’t lie… I thought about buying one to put on my desk at work. But, that’s a lot of money to provide everyone who constant sweetness availability.

Liddabit Sweets | Barley, Tea & Honey Lollipop

Liddabit Sweets | Barley, Tea & Honey Lollipop

Liddabit Sweets Barley, Tea & Honey Lollipop
Sample Value: $1.25
Full-Size Cost: $5.00 (4 pack)
Buy at Liddabit Sweets

Liddabit Sweets is a small candy company in Brooklyn, New York. They specialize is making handmade candy bars, caramels, lollipops and more. Everything they do, whether its measuring, cooking, wrapping or packaging, is done by a real-live person. And, they’ve got several treats in this month’s box.

I’m not big on hard candy, suckers, lollipops, whatever. They’re just not my kind of treat. But, I am intrigued by a barley, tea and honey lollipop. Liddabit also says it’s good for soothing a scratchy throat. I think I might save it for that!

Liddabit Sweets | Fig & Ricotta Caramel

Liddabit Sweets | Fig &
Ricotta Caramel

Liddabit Sweets Fig & Ricotta Caramel
Sample Value: $2.33
Full-Size Cost: $7.00 (One Dozen)
Buy at Liddabit Sweets

These guys feature bits of dried fig, ricotta and a little balsamic vinegar. Liddabit recommends adding them to a cheese plate or enjoying them with a sip of port. Both of these sound extremely fancy. I just popped them in my mouth. [That’s what she said.] I was pleasantly surprised that I actually liked these. The chunks of fig kind of freaked me out. And, the texture is kind of weird. But overall, the flavor is really enjoyable.

Liddabit Sweets | Dark Chocolate Caramel

Liddabit Sweets | Dark
Chocolate Caramel

Liddabit Sweets Dark Chocolate Caramel
Sample Value: $2.33
Full-Size Cost: $7.00 (One Dozen)
Buy at Liddabit Sweets

Again with the dark chocolate! I probably would have enjoyed these more had they been milk chocolate, but these were still really sweet and delicious. I should mention that both these and the Fig & Ricotta Caramels had a truly incredible texture. Smooth and chewy at the same time. Not too sweet, just extremely pleasant. Maybe it has something to do with the Taza Chocolate. These guys feature organic, direct-trade ingredients from Somerville, MA.

Lambrecht | Gourmet Southern Pecan Toffee

Lambrecht | Gourmet Southern
Pecan Toffee

Lambrecht Gourmet Southern Pecan Toffee
Full-Size Value: $6.50
Buy at Lambrecht

Now, this is my kind of sweet treat! I love love love toffee and dug into these right away! Lambrecht Gourmet makes this Southern Pecan Toffee with slow-roasted pecan halves and pure butter toffee. Each piece is topped with a dark milk chocolate. Not sure what the dark element means, but they say there’s a caramel, nut and earthy flavor. I don’t know if I would say I experienced all that, but I liked it just the same!

The only down side I experienced was the hard candy portion got really stuck in my teeth. It kind of made it harder to enjoy, but I liked it just the same!

The Verdict
Cost: $15.00 (free shipping)
Value: $15.81

Overall, I definitely feel like I got a good value. If I had gone down the street to our local chocolatier, I would have probably spent the same amount on similar products. In terms of variety, I wish the box wasn’t so dark chocolate heavy. But, that’s my personal preference. I would have also liked to have seen some sour treats. Everything tasted very rich and indulgent. Which hey, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But, if I’m out to try something new, I wouldn’t mind a little more variety.

Would I give it as a gift? Definitely. I think this would be GREAT for mother’s day! Or, as a little “thinking of you” type gift. I’m going to have so many great ideas for Christmas this year!

Have you tried Treatsie? Are you happy with the products and variety you received? I would love to hear what everyone else thinks!

Disclosure: This product was not received in exchange for a review. All views in this review
are the opinion of the author. Just Louise Please will not accept payment in exchange for a
review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post
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