Misto Box: July 2013 Review

Misto | July 2013I know I’m a little late on the Misto Box review, but I really wanted to enjoy and try all these uber delicious coffees before sharing with all of you!!

We’re big coffee drinkers in our house. So, when I heard Misto Box  wanted to send me a box to try out and review… I was SO excited! My hubby used to be one of those really cute college coffee shop guys that would hook me up with a free cup of joe to flirt. So, when we moved into our first place together, his old boss sent us a coffee grinder as a house-warming gift. Pretty appropriate right? Needless to say, a monthly subscription of gourmet coffee beans is right up our alley!

Misto has two monthly subscription box options. The $15.00/month box brings you four 1.7 ounce bags of whole bean coffee and the $30.00/month box delivers four 3.4 ounce bags of whole bean coffee to your door step. There are some good deals when you start things off. The first box of the 1.7 ounce set is only $5.00 and the first box of the 3.4 ounce set is $10.00. So, definitely worth it to try!

So, what did I get? Four 1.7 ounce bags of the following whole bean coffees:

  • Water Avenue | El Salvador Finca Las Delicias 
  • OQ Coffee | Ethiopia Gelana Abaya 
  • Cartel Coffee | Guatemala Atitlan
  • Verve Coffee Roasters | Panama Elida Estate

Water Avenue | El Salvador Finca Las DeliciasWater Avenue | El Salvador Finca Las Delicias
Sample Value: $2.41
Full Size Cost: $17.00 (12 oz)
Buy at Misto Box

There’s a ton of flavor in these little coffee beans! There’s a lot of fruit notes and sweet chocolate rounds, and I found that the coffee just tasted like candy! But, not too much in away that it was off-putting. Not at all! I always put flavored creamer in my coffee and it made a really awesome decadent combo.

A little bit about Water Avenue… This coffee is one of their exclusives. It has also been processed naturally and says this refined coffee’s ripe red berries and tropical fruit “dance on the tip of the palette.” And, I gotta say… this girl can’t complain!

OQ Coffee | Ethiopia Gelana AbayaOQ Coffee | Ethiopia Gelana Abaya
Sample Value: $2.27
Full Size Cost: $16.00 (12 oz)
Buy at Misto Box

OQ Coffee is a New Jersey roasting company and they’ve sent us this Ethiopian brew all the way from Gelana Abaya.

And… I gotta say, this is probably one of the best natural coffees I’ve ever had. Since it’s dry processed, it’s packed full of truly floral and intensely sweet aroma. Take a sip and you’re hit with blueberry, plum and even a little mango!

Cartel Coffee | Guatemala AtitlanCartel Coffee | Guatemala Atitlan
Sample Value: $2.27
Full Size Cost: $16.00 (12 oz)
Buy at Misto Box

I was really impressed with this coffee’s full flavor! I could really taste the milk chocolate and caramel, and I could definitely tell there was some fruity sweet influence involved. It comes to us from Santiago, Atitlan, and coffee is a pretty big crop there. They’re also pretty focused on organic production. And, while they’re not necessarily certified organic, they’re at least working on it!

Verve Coffee Roasters | Panama Elida EstateVerve Coffee Roasters | Panama Elida Estate
Sample Value: $2.98
Full Size Cost: $21.00 (12 oz)
Buy at Misto Box

Hello mango! Seriously, mango coffee. There’s so many juicy sweet flavors in this coffee, you wouldn’t believe it! It was interesting on its own and in combination with my creamer. I’m super curious to buy different creamers, and  see what kind of other flavor combinations I can explore.

Verve Coffee Roasters is all about paying attention. They’re committed to authentic cups of coffee full of quality. Apparently… there’s some coffee magic going on Boquete. During the harvest season, the weather there makes this area one of the most intense and magnified microclimates for coffee-making. Pretty cool huh?

The Verdict
Cost: $15.00
Value: $9.93

While the overall value of Misto Box did quite match up with the cost, I definitely think it’s worth it! Just the opportunity to try all these different types of coffees was super fun!

I do wish there was a little bit more variety, because I felt like everything had fruit sweet notes, but I don’t know if every month Misto focuses on a different type of flavor. Certainly not something that would stop me from trying it again, but just a thought! I’d also like to see some decaf options. I love drinking coffee in the evening, but don’t always need the caffeinated boost then.

I loved loved loved Misto’s packaging and how each bag of beans came in their own resealable bag. That allowed me to bounce around flavors, enjoy and compare.

I think this is a great treat for coffee lovers and makes a great gift for the holidays. I have so many ideas for this year!

What do you think of Misto Box? Have you tried it before? Would love to hear from some fellow coffee drinkers out there!

Disclosure: This product was received in exchange for a review. All views in this post are the opinion of the author. Just Louise Please will not accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain referral links.Complete Disclosure Policy.

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