Zockster: August 2013 Review

Zockster and EdgarSo, how do you feel about bamboo socks? Well Zockster thinks they’re pretty swell!

For $5.00/month or $7.00 every other month ($2.00 for shipping) you can get three pairs of your favorite style. There’s ankle socks for both men and women and black dress socks available for men. The hubby was pretty happy Zockster included a pair for him in their complimentary pack! So, we were both excited to try them out! So much so… he opened everything before I had a chance to take pictures! Good thing I stopped him before he wore them! Ha!

I gotta say, I thought these were super comfy and soft. Picking them up and holding them, they feel really nice, but the textured on the inside when worn, while comfy, isn’t as soft as the exterior. I’ve never worn bamboo socks before, but I definitely like the eco-friendly aspect!


I had no idea socks had such a big impact on the environment! This infographic on Zockster’s website was super informational and totally opened up my sock eyes. There’s so much information in this thing and you can soak all of it up on their website.

Zockster even delivers their socks with a cute little info card that tells you how their EcoEnclose packaging is recyclable and biodegradable, which I certainly appreciate!

I can’t say the hubby gave them a rave review. He’s just happy he got new socks! He’s not too picky. But, I think the fact that there’s an option out there that is as good and affordable as the socks you buy at the store, but is better for the environment, is pretty amazing. I don’t see why you wouldn’t want bamboo socks!

I know a lot of fellow bloggers out there have been trying out Zockster, so what do you think? Do you have comfy feet? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Oh yeah, even Edgar thought they were pretty cool! He promised to chew them up as soon as I take them off.

Zockster Intro

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