August 2013: Birchbox Review

August 2013 BirchboxWe’re taking a trip to Finishing School folks, so grab your tube socks and sharpen your pencils. The theme for this month’s Birchbox is all about giving you the finishing touches you need for your beauty routine.

This month’s Birchbox included:

  • Coastal Scents® | Eye Shadow
  • Harvey Prince | Eau Flirt
  • Juice Beauty | Oil-free Moisturizer
  • Number 4™ | Super Comb Prep & Protect
  • TanTowl® | Classic Formula Self-Tan Towelettes

Coastal Scents® | Eye ShadowCoastal Scents® | Eye Shadow
Sample Size Value: $1.54
Full Size Cost: $34-39.00
Buy at Birchbox

Not sure I’d call this a finishing touch item, but anything that claims to give you the perfect smoky eye is okay in my book! These colors are definitely up my alley and they offer some really beautiful pigments. I’ve used the colors independently and in combination and find them to be very versatile! I wasn’t uber impressed with how long they last, but I thought the sample size was really nice!

Harvey Prince | Eau FlirtHarvey Prince | Eau Flirt
Sample Size Value: $0.98
Full Size Cost: $55-98.00
Buy at Birchbox

Now, I really liked this scent! And, as far as the theme goes, perfume is a perfect “finishing touch.” It’s really floral and very girly. Usually I’m more of a subtle perfume kind of girl, but I’ve really enjoyed trying this out and have been wearing it almost every day.

Juice Beauty | Oil-free MoisturizerJuice Beauty | Oil-free Moisturizer
Sample Size Value: $7.00
Full Size Cost: $28.00
Buy at Birchbox

Now, I don’t know if it’s this moisturizer or what, but since using this… I have started to break out a bit, even though it is oil free and claims to not clog pores. I don’t really have sensitive skin, so I am pretty surprised with my skin’s reaction. I’d say the primary downside for me is the scent. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s kind of earthy… but, not really in a pleasant way. It almost smells like oatmeal, maybe?

Number 4™ | Super Comb Prep & ProtectNumber 4™ | Super Comb Prep & Protect
Sample Size Value: $4.80
Full Size Cost: $32.00
Buy at Birchbox

When I opened up this month’s Birchbox and saw this hair protectant, I was super stoked! I loved the Beauty Protector | Protect & Detangle I got in my May 2013 box, so I was excited to try out a similar product. And, while I don’t think it’s as fabulous as the Beauty Protector, I definitely noticed some improvements! My hair was certainly softer and it definitely took care of some tangles. It also smells pretty good!

TanTowl® | Classic Formula Self-Tan TowelettesTanTowl® | Classic Formula Self-Tan Towelettes
Sample Size Value: $2.40
Full Size Cost: $24.00
Buy at Birchbox

As a committed member of the pale-person club, you’d think I’d be pretty excited about a self-tan towelette. But here’s the thing about being pale, and I mean… really pale… tan towelettes become kind of intimidating. There’s only one of these in the sample and I’m not sure where I could sufficiently use this, and it not end up looking like an uneven tan streak somewhere. So, yeah… I didn’t use this.

The Verdict
Cost: $15.00
Total Value: $16.72

Overall, I was pretty happy with this month’s Birchbox. The Number 4™ | Super Comb Prep & Protect, Harvey Prince | Eau Flirt and Coastal Scents® | Eye Shadow were definitely my favorites.  I’ve used all three products almost every day since getting them in the mail. It’s probably pretty obvious that I was less excited about the TanTowl® | Classic Formula Self-Tan Towelettes and Juice Beauty | Oil-free MoisturizerNot sure how much longer I’ll continue using the moisturizer… and maybe someone out there will want my Tan Towelettes? Any takers?

What’d you think of this month’s Birchbox? Did you get something different you think I’d like? A penny for your thoughts. Not really, I don’t have that many pennies. 😛

Disclosure: This product was not received in exchange for a review. All views in this post are the opinion of the author. Just Louise Please will not accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain referral links. Complete Disclosure Policy.

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