Spicy Subscriptions: October 2013 Deluxe Spice Box Review

Spicy Subscriptions | October 2013 Deluxe Spice Box2Alright, here we go folks. I am once again diving into a review for the Sexy & Sultry subscription box section of my blog. If you caught my review of the Fantasy Box, you know that this is generally a topic I avoid in proper conversation. But alas, I am committed to you my readers, and when Spicy Subscriptions reached out to me and offered to send me a free box to review, I couldn’t resist! I know my mother holds her breath every time I write one of these reviews, but this is all for science people!

I  had definitely heard of Spicy Subscriptions prior to them reaching out to me. I’ve read other bloggers’ reviews, and had often thought that if I was ever going to buy a box from this category, they would be a good one to try because they’re so affordable. For $24.95-34.95/month, Spicy Subscriptions will send you a personal toy and a curated collection of romance, intimacy and health and wellness products. They offer two variations: the Spice Box and the Toy of the Month. I received the Spice Box, so we’ll focus on that one.

Each month is different from the last and each Spice Box comes with romantic content and tips from experts on how to improve your love life.  The Spice Box specifically includes a deluxe toy, a deluxe accessory, 1-2 personal products and 3-6 trial products. So, what did I get?

  • The Screaming O Studio Collection | O Balm Warming SensationsSpicy Subscriptions | October 2013 Deluxe Spice Box3
  • Body Boudoir™ | Naughty Secrets™ Pheromone Body Fragrance
  • Body Boudoir™ | Love in Luxury™ Naked Pheromone Moisture Meringue
  • California Fantasies | Razzels Three-in-One Warming Flavors
  • Frolic® | Specialty Toy Lubricant for Women
  • JO Volt | 6v Arousing Tingling Serum
  • Triple Action Vibrating Ring

Studio Collection | O Balm Warming Sensations The Screaming O Studio Collection | O Balm Warming Sensations
Full Size Value: $6.98
Buy at Spencers.com

The Screaming O Studio Collection O Balm Warming Sensation is designed to be a chic and discreet way of spicing up any romantic rendezvous, where ever you may be. The packaging suggests tossing it in your purse and swiping it on as you would any other lip balm right before a romantic encounter.

The Screaming O’s website says you can use their product in a variety of ways, including as a:

  • All-natural, kissable ingredients featuring an herbal extract blend
  • Sensual warming and tingling experience
  • Paraben-free, petroleum-free, phthalate-free, non-toxic lip balm

Body Boudoir™ | Naughty Secrets™ Phermone Body FragranceBody Boudoir™ | Naughty Secrets™ Pheromone Body Fragrance
Full Size Value: $13.95
Buy at Amazon.com
This fragrance combines sweet pea, blue violet and powdery white cedar. It smells pretty good, and is very girly. This product is paraben-free, was not tested on animals, and was made right here in the good ol’ USA.

The whole catch about this product is that it’s supposed to be a pheromone attractant to enhance sex appeal. The bottle literally says it’s meant to help you “spray on sex power.”

So, I’m not going to lie. This product had my husband and I laughing. When I opened the box and saw this inside, I immediately sprayed some on and asked him if I had instantly become more attractive. We both shared a nice laugh.

Body Boudoir™ | Love in Luxury™ Naked Phermone Moisture MeringueBody Boudoir™ | Love in Luxury™ Naked Pheromone Moisture Meringue
Full Size Value: $5.05
Buy at Amazon.com

Like its spray-on counterpart, this body meringue is also meant to bring all the boys to the yard. It’s a pheromone attractant and features a medley of exotic mangosteen, acai berry and sweet musk, combined with crisp coconut and red currant. Really, all I smell is orange. But, this stuff goes on really nice and is a great body lotion. Not sure I buy into the whole pheromone thing, but, who am I to judge?

California Fantasis | Razzels Three-in-One Warming Flavors California Fantasies | Razzels Three-in-One Warming Flavors
Full Size Value: $4.88
Buy at Amazon.com

If you weren’t sure by the title, this is a lubricant people. A strawberry flavored, warming lubricant.

The bottle says it can be used to “apply, rub, blow and dazzle” your partner. Well, alright then.

Frolic® | Specialty Toy Lubricant for Women & JO | 6v Volt Arousing Tingling SerumFrolic® | Specialty Toy Lubricant for Women
Sample Value: $0.90
Full Size Cost: $8.99
Buy at Walgreens.com

JO Volt | 6v Arousing Tingling Serum
Sample Value: $0.06
Full Size Cost: $8.99
Buy at Walgreens.com

But the lubes don’t end there people! This Deluxe Spice Box also came with  two lubricant samples, and they’re both available at your local Walgreens, if you’re so inclined.

The sample from Frolic is specifically designed for use with toys. I’m not sure what would make a lube specific for toys, but whatever the case, this one is! Frolic is highly concentrated and claims that a little dab goes a long way.

The sample from JO Volt is an arousing and tingling serum for women. The 6v pack is a light strength serum and like the sample from Frolic, it also claims that you only need a few drops to experience its tingling effect. It also doesn’t contain parabens or L-Arginine.

Triple Action Vibrating RingTriple Action Vibrating Ring
Full Size Value: $9.88 (similar product)
Buy similar product at Amazon.com

Well, I knew the Deluxe Spice Box contained some kind of deluxe toy, and well… here it is! I couldn’t find this exact product anywhere online, so my full size value is kind of an estimate. But, let me tell you, when you search “vibrating penis ring” in Google, all kinds of things come up in the search results. However, I somehow managed to find a product somewhat similar on Amazon if you are looking for something like this for yourself.

The VerdictSpicy Subscriptions | October 2013 Deluxe Spice Box
Cost: $34.95/month
Value: $41.70

If you’re looking for an adult themed subscription box, there is plenty of value and variety in Spicy Subscriptions, and it certainly lives up to its promise of introducing couples to products that will keep things interesting in the bedroom. So, tell me… have you ever tried a Spice Box? What did you find inside? Would love to hear about what people found in past boxes or whether or not this is something you’d like to try in the future! Come on, don’t be shy!

Disclosure: This product was received in exchange for a review. All views in this review are the opinion of the author. Just Louise Please will not accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain referral links. Complete Disclosure Policy.

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