Makeup Sunday: 2 for 1 Subscription Box Reviews (Part 1)

So, the holidays got me all thrown off! So, I’m super late on my November 2013 Birchbox and Ipsy reviews. So, I thought I’d make a day of it with two posts about two of everyone’s favorite cosmetic subscription boxes.

Birchbox | December 2013Since I got Birchbox first, I think it’s only fair we start with them. Want to know how Birchbox works? Check out my page here. November was all about “MORE GOOD.” With Thanksgiving being the major holiday, Birchbox wanted to help you live a life of abundance with more thanks, more giving, more thoughtfulness, and ofcourse, more samples.

So, what did we find in November’s box?

  • Ghirardelli® | Chocolate Bar
  • Dr. Jart+ | Water Fuse Beauty Balm SPF 25+
  • Beauty Protector | Protect & Shampoo
  • Beauty Protector | Protect & Condition
  • Color Club® | Cocktail Hour Collection (Dark and Stormy)
  • Juicy Couture | Viva La Juicy Noir – 3.4 oz.

Ghirardelli® | Chocolate BarGhirardelli® | Chocolate Bar
Full Size Value: $3.00 (estimate)
Buy in store at Walgreens

Now, what girl can resist some chocolate! And when you combine toffee crunch with chocolate, you’ve got one very happy girl here! This is one of Birchbox’s “Finds.” That’s their word for the little extra non-cosmetic related items  they throw into their boxes every month. You can find this treat at any Walgreens or grocery store. Ghiradelli always uses the best cocoa beans and has their own way of doing things so evert bite is full of velvety smoothness and intense taste. With the holidays around the corner, I always thing Ghiradelli makes a nice addition to any holiday present. Go ahead and throw one into your next gift bag!

Dr. Jart+ | Water Fuse Beauty Balm SPF 25+

Dr. Jart+ | Water Fuse Beauty Balm SPF 25+
Sample Value: $3.2
Full Size Cost: $32.00 (1.7 fl oz)
Buy at Birchbox

This tinted moisturizer is great if you’re on the go and don’t want to put a ton of makeup on. Not only does it give you just enough color to get you through running errands, but it’s also a sunscreen and treatment serum. There’s a combination of glacier water, deep ocean water,  hyaluronic acid and aloe vera to deeply hydrate skin.  There’s also some extra ingredients in there to stop your complexion from becoming overly greasy.

Now, I’m usually not one for tinted moisturizers. Mainly because, if I’m going to put makeup on, I’m going all out. But, this guy seemed to do the trick in a pinch, even though it’s not a product I’d normally purchase.

Beauty Protector | Protect & Shampoo and Conditioner

Beauty Protector | Protect & Shampoo
Sample Value: $2.75
Full Size Cost: $21.95 (8 oz)
Buy at Birchbox

Beauty Protector | Protect & Condition
Sample Value: $2.75
Full Size Cost: $21.95 (8 oz)
Buy at Birchbox

Now, one of my all-time favorite samples from Birchbox was the Beauty Protector | Protect & Detangle, so when I saw this shampoo and conditioner combo from the same brand, I was super excited! But, let me tell you… this product was kind of a let down for me. I just wasn’t impressed! Not only did I find that the amount of product in these sample bottles to be underwhelming, I didn’t think the shampoo and conditioner was anything special either.

Color Club® | Cocktail Hour Collection (Dark and Stormy)

Color Club® | Cocktail Hour Collection (Dark and Stormy)
Full Size Value: $8.00 (.5 oz)
Buy at Birchbox

I’m always up for a good nail polish, but unfortunately, the ones I find from Birchbox’s Color Club® are always a major letdown. The quality just isn’t that great, and I’d much rather have a sample of something else than one of these guys. I did get a compliment on the color though by the mechanics who do my oil change. While being blatantly hit on… they commented on my “diamond” nails and “million dollar smile.” So, I guess the color is eye-catching! Ha! The color does look  gold in this picture, but it’s actually a shiny silver.

Juicy Couture | Viva La Juicy Noir - 3.4 oz.

Juicy Couture | Viva La Juicy Noir – 3.4 oz.
Sample Value: $1.32 (0.05 oz)
Full Size Cost: $90.00 (3.4 oz)
Buy at Birchbox

This perfume has a great glamorous scent, and I used it up pretty quickly. If you know me, you know I’m not really good at picking up all those different scents, but Birchbox’s website has this to add about that one.

Ripe berries pair with a touch of honeysuckle and undertones of sultry sandalwood.

For me, the only down side was the sample bottle! Usually I love this kind of perfume sample bottle, because it actually lets you spray it on. But, mine didn’t really work. I had a terrible time getting the perfume out, so that was kind of frustrating.

The Verdict
Cost: $10.00/month
Full Size Cost: $21.02

As always, Birchbox provided a great value for their $10.00/month subscription fee, but overall I was kind of let down by the box. The chocolate made a great first impression, but the products didn’t really stack up. I’m actually starting to think about canceling my Birchbox subscription and trying something new. It might be time to cash in on those Birchbox points… What do you guys think? Should I stick it out or move on? Leave your thoughts below and wait for part 2 of my Makeup Sunday!

Disclosure: This product was not received in exchange for a review. All views in this review are the opinion of the author. Just Louise Please will not accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain referral links. Complete Disclosure Policy.

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One thought on “Makeup Sunday: 2 for 1 Subscription Box Reviews (Part 1)

  1. I like your Nov box except for the nail polish! I received Baldwin Blues for my shade of nail polish and I can’t stand it! I did get the chocolate too and was very happy with that!! I reviewed my November and December Birchbox at:

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