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Birchbox: December 2013

Birchbox | December 2013So, I hate to say it, but this is likely my last review of Birchbox. Need to move on to another genre of boxes for a while. I’m going to stick with my Ipsy glam bag, because a girl has to have a monthly makeup fix, but I think it’s time we try something new! What do you think?

I was really excited when I saw the beautiful gold box in the mail. It was perfect for the holiday season! In addition to a handy little cell phone screen cleaner, I found the following inside my December Birchbox:

  • Number 4 | Non-Aerosol Hairspray
  • Chuao Chocolatier | Chocolate Bars
  • Camille Beckman | Glycerine Hand Therapy™
  • Wild Honey Apothecary | Buttermilk Sandalwood Honey Mud
  • Jouer | Moisturizing Lip Gloss

Number 4 | Non-Aerosol HairsprayNumber 4 | Non-Aerosol Hairspray
Sample Value: $4.50 (30 ml)
Full Size Cost: $30.00 (200 ml)
Buy at Birchbox

The first thing I noticed about this hairspray is the smell. It’s got that strong, classic hair spray smell that brings be back to the 80s or our community theater’s dressing room before a show. It’s not my favorite, but for real holding strength, I’m willing to compromise. I was kind of surprised it had such a strong odor, because it is a non-aerosol mist that’s supposed to be good for the environment. It’s full of natural botanicals that nourish strands, and I think you can see that right away. When sprayed on, hair looks super shiny afterward. Just don’t spray too much or else you’ll be left in greasy town.

Chuao Chocolatier | Chocolate BarsChuao Chocolatier | Chocolate Bars
Sample Value: $0.84 (0.39 oz)
Full Size Cost: $6.00 (2.8 oz)
Buy at Birchbox

I’m not one to pass up chocolate, and with it being the holidays, seemed appropriate in this month’s box! The packaging said the chocolate was intended to taste like popcorn, and it sure did! To a point that I found it kind of odd, like something out of Willy Wonka’s factory. They have a bunch of flavors to choose from on Birchbox’s website, so maybe if popcorn isn’t your cup of tea, there’s something else you might enjoy more!

Camille Beckman | Glycerine Hand Therapy™Camille Beckman | Glycerine Hand Therapy™
Sample Value: $0.58 (0.25 oz)
Full Size Cost: $14.00 (6 oz)
Buy at Birchbox

This cream is super rich and with it being so cold outside was more than welcome! It feels super luxurious on and I can see why its Camille Bechman’s best-selling product! The sample size is great for tossing in your bag, or leaving at your desk for when you need some midday nourishment.

Wild Honey Apothecary | Buttermilk Sandalwood Honey MudWild Honey Apothecary | Buttermilk Sandalwood Honey Mud
Sample Value: $3.50 (0.35 oz)
Full Size Cost: $20.00 (2 oz)
Buy at Birchbox

I’m always up for a good mud mask! And this one keeps it simple with organic, locally sourced honey, aloe vera and grapeseed and argan oils.  The mask exfoliates, nourishes and brightens the skin.

Jouer | Moisturizing Lip GlossJouer | Moisturizing Lip Gloss
Sample Value: $9.41 (0.08 oz)
Full Size Cost: $20.00 (0.17 oz)
Buy at Birchbox

This is probably my favorite product in this month’s box. I may cash in on my Birchbox points and buy the full size, I am THAT in love. And, that’s saying a lot from a girl with a purse full of lip glosses. It just has a beautiful shimmery finish, and it turns dry lips into something beautiful in one swoop!

The Verdict
Cost: $10.00/month
Value: $18.83

Birchbox knows their stuff when it comes to putting together samples that are worth the $10.00/month subscription fee. I always appreciate their beautiful packaging and high-end selection, I just wish the sample sizes were bigger. What can I say, I wan MORE!

What did you guys think of December’s products? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Disclosure: This product was not received in exchange for a review. All views in this review are the opinion of the author. Just Louise Please will not accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain referral links. Complete Disclosure Policy.

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Ipsy: October 2013 Review

Ipsy | October 2013Every month, the team at ipsy puts together some stellar full size and deluxe sample size products for its subscribers. For only $10.00/month, you can try out some exciting hair and beauty products that you may not have encountered before. I’m a girl who loves makeup, so this is one of my favorites out there.

This month’s ipsy glambag had some great variety, and like its sister beauty product box, Birchbox, it also packed some heavy weight this month. Inside I found:

  • Zoya | Nail Polish (Neve)
  • H2O Plus | Face Oasis™ Hydrating Treatment
  • Nourish Organic | Deeply Nourishing Coconut & Argan Body Lotion
  • Ofra | Sultry Lipgloss and Plumper
  • Sexy Hair | Spray Clay Texturizing Spray Clay 

Zoya | Nail Polish (Neve)Zoya | Nail Polish (Neve)
Full Size Value: $8.00
Buy at Zoya (Buy 2 nail polishes, get 1 free and free Zoya Remove+ with coupon code IPSYZ3)

This is a nice little nail polish! The color is actually much brighter than the photo, but it’s still very pretty! I haven’t tried this brand before, but I liked it fine. It went on very smooth and pretty, but I found it chipped kind of quickly. I really need to invest in a top coat polish to see if that helps out my manicures.

Neve is a part of Zoya’s Fall 2013 Cashmere’s & Satins Collection and are designed to complement the season. They’re also free of toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and dibutyl phthalate (DBP).

H2O Plus | Face Oasis™ Hydrating TreatmentH2O Plus | Face Oasis™ Hydrating Treatment
Sample Value: $7.20 (10 ml)
Full Size Cost: $36.00 (1.7 oz / 50mL)
Buy at H2O Plus (25% off any purchase with coupon code IPSY13)

I love this hydrating treatment! It feels so smooth and luxurious when you put it on and it has this cooling quality that really makes you feel like you’re putting some real moisture back into your skin. What I really like about this product is that when it says it’s oil free, it’s really oil free. Sometimes these deep moisturizers feel really heavy and greasy, even when they’re supposed to be oil free. But, this gel is so light and airy. It even features marine botanicals to fill surface lines and Vitamins A and E to keep skin looking great all day.

Nourish Organic | Deeply Nourishing Coconut & Argan Body LotionNourish Organic | Deeply Nourishing Coconut & Argan Body Lotion
Sample Value: $1.25 (1 oz)
Full Size Cost: $9.99 (8 oz)
Buy at Target (20% off any Nourish Organic product with coupon code Nourish20)

Now, I knew I had seen this product somewhere before! So, I was not surprised when I realized it was sold exclusively at Target. This organic body lotion sample is great for your purse, especially as it starts to get cold outside and hands start to feel dry. I’ve been using it primarily on my elbows, which I’m enjoying immensely. This product is highly concentrated to replenish, hydrate and soften skin.

Ofra | Sultry Lipgloss and PlumperOfra | Sultry Lipgloss and Plumper
Full Size Value: $12.95 (10 ml)
Buy at Ofra Cosmetics (30% off any purchase with coupon code ipsy30 )

I really like the color of this lip gloss. It’s pretty subtle, but adds just enough color for everyday use. I wouldn’t say its primary benefit is lip plumping though. I noticed a slight improvement and some tingling, but I’ve tried some serious lip plumpers, and I think if that’s what you’re really after, this product isn’t for you. But, if you need a pretty, subtle lip gloss, this guy definitely does the trick!

Sexy Hair | Spray Clay Texturizing Spray ClaySexy Hair | Spray Clay Texturizing Spray Clay
Sample Value: $6.03 (1.4 oz)
Full Size Cost: $18.95 (4.4 oz)
Buy at Ulta ($5.00 off $25.00 purchase with coupon code 105339)

I really was confused by this product initially. I just didn’t know how to use it! I did some googling and decided to go forward as if it was a texturizing/volumizing spray. And, it seriously got the job done. It made my hair so thick! I think if you were trying to do an up do, this guy would be really handy. I used it for some Halloween styles, and it was great!

The Verdict
Cost: $10.00/month
Value: $35.43

ipsy always does a stellar job in the value department, and I love that I get some serious deluxe and full size sample sizes for only $10.00. My favorite item this month has to be the H2O Plus | Face Oasis™ Hydrating Treatment. Can’t really say there was a product I didn’t like this time around. I’m using everything regularly, and I’m glad I got to try these guys out!

What did you get in your ipsy Glam Bag? See anything different? Would love to hear what you guys received!

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ipsy: September 2013 Review

ipsy | September 2013 Glam Bag1Ipsy is probably one of my favorite subscription boxes out there. For $10.00/month, you’ll receive 4-5 deluxe or full-sized cosmetic and hair care products. Each Glam Bag also comes in its own little makeup bag, which after a couple of months, you kind of wonder what to do with, but it’s still a nice touch!

ipsy | September 2013 Glam Bag2

I’m not too big on ipsy’s theme’s, but to me… it doesn’t really matter, because the products themselves are usually so good!

Opening up this month’s bag, I was immediately pleased with the contents. I knew I could use everything that night, no problem! Inside my September ipsy Glam Bag I found:

  • Elizabeth Mott | It’s So Big Volumizing Mascara
  • NYX | Single Eye Shadow
  • Starlooks | Obsidian Kohl Eye Pencil
  • John Frieda | Full Repair® Full Body Shampoo & Conditioner

Elizabeth Mott | It's So Big Volumizing MascaraElizabeth Mott | It’s So Big Volumizing Mascara
Sample Value: $8.00 (4 ml)
Full Size Cost: $19.99 (10 ml)
Buy at Elizabeth Mott (50% off with coupon code IPSYBIG)

This is apparently an ipsy exclusive launch, so you won’t find it anywhere else! Hello exclusivity! I wasn’t happy with my last mascara sample, so I was excited to find one I really liked! This thing really pumps up the volume, without getting overly clumpy or heavy. It features an “hourglass” brush that promises to always give you the perfect amount of mascara for each lash.

NYX | Single Eye ShadowNYX | Single Eye Shadow
Full Size Sample Value: $4.50
Buy at NYX Cosmetics (30% off eye shadow bases with coupon code IPSYPRIME)

I’ve used NYX eye shadow before, so I was happy to see it inside this month’s Glam Bag. The color is a rich purple that goes on nicely and builds for various levels of color density. It blends really easily, and I mean, who doesn’t love a full-sized sample?!

Starlooks | Obsidian Kohl Eye PencilStarlooks | Obsidian Kohl Eye Pencil
Full Size Sample Value: $12.50
Buy at Starlooks (30% off purchases of $25.00 or more with coupon code IPSY)

Now, I’ve heard of Starlooks, and I know they have their own subscription box service, but I’ve never actually tried any of their products. And, I gotta say… this one didn’t make a good first impression. The eyeliner just gets everywhere and doesn’t last as long as I would like it. It smudges like crazy and is definitely not a favorite!

John Frieda | Full Repair® Full Body Shampoo & ConditionerJohn Freida | Full Repair® Full Body Shampoo & Conditioner
Sample Value: $2.34 (1.5 fl oz each)
Full Size Cost: $13.18 (8.45 fl oz each)
Buy at Drugstore.com (BOGO 50% off with coupon code IPSY)

I was excited to see some hair treatment in this month’s box, because my hair is starting to look fried! I definitely needed this Full Repair® product, and I really enjoyed it!! I mean, it’s John Freida, all their products are quality and I went through both of these after a couple of showers. Lord, I just wish these samples were bigger!

photo (22)

This month’s Glam Bag also came with a little something extra.  Michele Phan’s The Life Pallete sample featured a small collection of colors from the Career Life. I really wanted to like this sample, because I’m a sucker for a good pallete, but I just found the product faded quickly and certainly didn’t last throughout the day.

The Verdict
Cost: $10.00/month
Value: $27.34

As always, ipsy did a great job in the value department. They never disappoint in providing me with quality products that are definitely worth the $10.00/month rate. This is one of my standard subscription boxes, and I have no intention of stopping it any time soon!

My favorite item this month has to be the John Freida | Full Repair® Full Body Shampoo & Conditioner, mainly because my hair was in such desperate need for it! It’s probably pretty obvious my least favorite item was the Starlooks | Obsidian Kohl Eye Pencil. Has anyone else tried their products? Was this just a bad first impression?

What did you think of this month’s Glam Bag? Did you get something you think I would like? Share below or get your own ipsy Glam Bag by subscribing here.

Disclosure: This product was not received in exchange for a review. All views in this review are the opinion of the author. Just Louise Please will not accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain referral links. Complete Disclosure Policy.

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